Friday, February 22, 2008

Bad Girls.....

This week I had a chance to catch one of my favorite reality shows, "Bad Girls Club". After all of the tension between the two "crews" within the house it finally comes to blows. After the fight the producers call a meeting to determine the next move for the girls in the house. One thing about that scenario is that the producer and the people behind the show act as though they have not played a part in all of the tension. They say that they don't want violence but they actually hope and prey upon the chance of that happening. I feel as though both sides are wrong in the sense that they let it come to that solution. They are just feeding into the image that women are caddy and bitchy. I love Tenisia but she comes off as the Big, Scary, Ghetto black girl which is one stereotype that I feel we need to stray from as black people.

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Anonymous said...

Tenisha IS a big scary ghetto black girl. All her "Im from Brooklyn" tirades were not written into a script for her to say. Its "reality" TV, and I put reality in quotations cause you know how that goes.

But either way, we say we need to stray from those stereotypes, but all stereotypes have some truth to them. And they probably picked Tenisha to be on the show because they knew that with a little pushing she would feed right into the stereotype they wanted her to be. And she does, without question.